Brief description of "A Natural Introduction to Computer Programming with C++"

Author: Kari Laitinen, Oulu Institute of Technology, Finland
ISBN 1-55395-518-8
636 pages, page height 10.75", page width 8"

Kari Laitinen's book "A Natural Introduction to Computer Programming with C++" is a book that teaches computer programming with the C++ programming language. The book breaks some traditions in computer programming. Its computer programs are written so that the reader encounters a lot of natural language expressions instead of the traditional abbreviations of the computer world. Also the design of the book is somewhat non-traditional. All computer programs are presented in easy-to-read graphical descriptions, and pages are composed so that they don't need to be turned unnecessarily. The non-traditional design of the book makes learning easier.

Kari Laitinen's book is for students without any previous experience in computer programming. In addition, students who have had difficulties with other programming books should try Laitinen's book because many potential problems of learning have been eliminated in the book.

Although the book is written for people who are beginners in the field of computer programming, it might give new ideas for more experienced people as well. The book goes quite far to the world of the C++ programming language, and its programming style could stimulate experienced people to write better programs.

Laitinen's book is suitable for self study as well as for all such educational institutions where introductory courses of computer programming are given. This book should be considered by teachers who agree that students should know something about computer operation before they begin the actual studies of programming.

Dr. Kari Laitinen lives in Oulu, Finland, and he currently works as a lecturer of subjects related to computer programming. In the past, he has worked for many years as a software developer, and he has carried out research which found ways of making computer programs easy to read and understand. His book, which teaches computer programming in the most natural way and tries to eliminate obstacles to learning, is a result of his work as a software developer, researcher, and lecturer.

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