How to get these books ?

The programming books written by Kari Laitinen are published and manufactured by Trafford Publishing in USA. The best place to buy these books is the Trafford Internet bookstore.

By clicking the book pictures on the left you can go to the pages of Trafford.

The books may also be found at

Although these books are not very recently published books, they are still valid books for studying the basics of computer programming.

Even in the field of computing the basic things remain the same as years and decades pass.

The books are made for people who have no previous knowledge about computer programming. The basic operating principles of computers are explained before the actual studies of computer programming begin.

All computer programs shown and explained in the books are written with so-called natural names. This means that the names of variables, methods, etc., consist of natural words of a natural language, and no abbreviations are used in the names. This makes the programs more readable and understandable.

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