Java Mobile Applications Programming

by Kari Laitinen

Most mobile phones contain a version of the Java Runtime Environment, which means that Java applications can be run in those phones. These mobile Java applications are also called Java midlets.

The short introductory course given my Mr. Kari Laitinen will teach you the basics of Java mobile applications. In order to follow the course, you should have previous knowledge about Java Standard Edition programming or about C# programming. The course topics include the following:

  • the basic structure of Java midlets
  • user-interface components
  • accessing the phone keyboard
  • methods to draw to the phone screen
  • displaying pictures
  • the use of threads in mobile applications and games
  • advice for further study (Bluetooth, video, Internet connections)
  • The 8-hour course will be organized so that half of the time is spent making practical exercises in a computer class.

    Example programs and study material

    The basic documentation about midlet-related classes can be found in that folder where th Sun Java Wireless Toolkit is installed (e.g. D:\WTK23\index.html)

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