I am Kari Laitinen and the owner of naturalprogramming.com. This site was previously also known as asteroidzone.com, but that is nowadays a different site.

The original purpose of this site is to serve the readers of my books about computer programming. Nowadays, this site is more like a repository where you can find a lot of examples of simple computer programs.

The word 'natural' is part of the name of this site because all examples of computer programs shown here are written with so-called natural names. This means that the names of variables, methods, etc., consist of natural words of a natural language, and no abbreviations are used in the names. This makes the programs more readable and understandable.

The best way to find examples of computer programs and information about programming languages is to click the icons in the main page. Alternatively you can use the links below which will lead you directly to program folders.

The following names of programming languages are links to folders that contain programs with a Command-Line User Interface (CLI). These programs can be executed in a Terminal or Command Prompt window.

The following links point to folders that contain programs or applications with a Graphical User Interface (GUI).

The following folders contain programs based on obsolete technologies.

If you want to see sample pages from the books, you can find them through the following links.

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